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Smash Hits

I was driving my car down the highway. Goin smoothly and listening to my R&B music. I found myself driving behind a truck. It was carrying wooden planks. My dad always told me never to drive behind a truck. There was also another truck behine me. That was a weird position.

So I moved into the lane on my left. Just then the truck that was previously in front of me had some of the planks fly off and it hit the other truck in the front window. Okay so the truck on my right blind spot swerves and I'm freaking out. If I stop I'll be run over and surely i'd die. I can't speed up because my car couldn't go that fast at that moment of time, but I tried anyways. I tried swerving away and speeding up.

Withing 3 seconds, it felt like 3, the truck hits me from behind. It was a HARD hit and I'm pushed forward. I am still conscious, I just bruised a bit of my face. I'm still trying to swerve away from the truck. I see the driver is passed out in my rear view. But his truck sped up, I guess after hitting me his foot must've leaned more into the pedal.

I'm hit again, and my seatbelt snaps. I smash through my front window. My car turns to the right. I fall off my car near the last right lane, and my car falls into the grassy ditch. The truck keeps going for a bit, then smashes into the cement wall on the left dividing the highway.

I remember breathing harshly as I laid on the pavement. I felt the sun beaming on me. Heard some smashes and ambulance sounds.
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