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Half Beaten Cat

I was walking down the sidewalk on my way to work. Some freakin guy in a van tried to run me over. I was getting late for work. It was a 5 minute walk from where I parked my car to my next job. Anyways, Some kids with hockey sticks were hitting something. I thought they were playing in one spot because the puck wouldn't move. Yet they weren't hitting the puck because the puck was 2 feet away from me, and they were 20 feet away from the puck.

It was a cat that was meowing. They were beating the cat. I didn't want to get involved because those punks were probably going to hit me with the sticks. Then the kids saw me, and I freaked, and started walking faster. Sadly, I couldn't get away fast enough because they had roller blades. They screamed when they came close to me, and lifted their sticks. Then *WOOSH* the half beaten cat flew out of the alley in a red and yellow cape. The logo on the cape said, "HBC" obviously standing for: Half Beaten Cat.

So the cat jumped on them and I wished i had a camera because i wanted to film it. Then a camera dropped out of someone's car who was passing by. so i filmed it. then the kids turned into mushrooms.

the cat looked at me and said, "why is it that bystanders only watch and never prevent a crime?" I looked at the cat as i filmed and i replied, "I'm allergic to cats."
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